Valorise shutdown of the service

The platform will be shut down at the end of September 2022


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You will find below a communication from the consortium of federations carrying the Valorise device: the ANIA, the Coopération Agricole, the FCD and the FEEF

In 2017, ANIA, Coopération Agricole, FCD and FEEF, in partnership with GreenFlex, created Valorise, a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) self-assessment platform for retail suppliers.

This project was born out of the partners’ common desire to make it possible for all companies, especially SMEs, to reflect on their CSR approach and to pool the CSR questionnaires of the chains to avoid individualizing their approach.

The self-assessments completed by suppliers during the five annual campaigns have enabled nearly 4,000 company sites to take stock of their maturity in the various areas of CSR: governance, social and human rights, environment, fair practices, consumers, communities and local development, and have been shared over 15,000 times. They also allowed distributors to learn more about the good practices of their suppliers and their progress in this area with the awarding of Valorise trophies to 6 companies: Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre, Cémoi, Vignerons de Buzet, Caves de Rauzan, Cooperl and Cristal Union.

However, a common collective tool based on a self-assessment questionnaire is no longer adapted to meet the new challenges of sustainability and the expectations of stakeholders. The platform will therefore be discontinued at the end of September 2022.

The increasing integration of CSR in commercial relations between distributors and suppliers remains a common objective of the partner federations. It is therefore essential to identify the appropriate tools for collaboration and dialogue, whatever the modalities, in order to take into account the singularity of each company’s strategies and to promote the fluidity of relations between suppliers and distributors.

The platform will remain accessible until the end of September to allow users, manufacturers and distributors, to retrieve their data. We would like to thank the various players who have taken part in this collective project over the past 5 years to promote the role of CSR in commercial discussions.

4 award winners

Valorise 2020

 < 250 employees :

Les Caves de Rauzan

for the creation of a biodiversity trail

Les Vignerons de Buzet

for the replacement of chemical fertilizers by organic fertilizers

 > 250 employees :

Cooperl Arc Atlantique

for animal welfare actions


for the implementation of the Bazancourt biorefinery

An approach


what is it exactly?

An online CSR self-assessment platform, developed by 4 trade organizations: ANIA, Coop de FranceFCD and FEEF, in partnership with GreenFlex, professional technology expert.

Valorise is a CSR self-assessment platform designed to:

  1. Simplify the exchange of CSR information through a unique platform
  1. Enable businesses to compare their CSR process with other companies in their sector (benchmarking)
  1. Unite stakeholders around a common reference platform based on the ISO 26000 standard
  1. Enable you to compare yourself with companies in your sector (benchmark)
  1. Unite stakeholders around a common reference platform based on the ISO 26000 standard
  1. Help companies to take stock of their CSR approach and best practices

The 2020 Valorise campaign will run from November 15th 2021 to Febuary 18th 2022.

To complement the service offering, the platform proposes a new tool, the “Best Practices” module. The companies who so wish may thus review their best CSR practices and learn from the actions conducted by other businesses. To highlight the CSR commitment of their supply chain, contractors can request that their suppliers enter their best practices in certain categories.

This year, companies will also be able to communicate any certifications and labels they have obtained in the course of their business

Valorise also offers a new pricing policy for businesses. Following feedback from previous campaigns, the subscription price for the campaign will no longer be indexed on the number of sites but rather on the size of the company. Thanks to the new pricing system, companies can now register, assess and share the CSR results of all of their sites without worrying about a rate barrier.

The results 

Of the 2020 campaign

Dear Valorise community members,

Thank you again for your numerous participations to the Valorise 2020 campaign and for publishing your CSR best practices!

Our strengths


for whom? for what?

You are a supplier, a contractor or a federation.

You market food or non-food consumer goods or services

Save time

Take stock of your maturity in terms of CSR

Use a CSR benchmarking tool

Highlight your CSR commitments and best practices

Showcase the certifications and labels obtained in the course of your business

Simplify the exchange of CSR information between suppliers and clients

With just one questionnaire, one tool and one payment, Valorise lets you communicate your CSR initiatives to all of your current and prospective clients.

This self-assessment is voluntary so as to allow a gradual factoring in of CSR in all companies. The overriding advantage is to share your results with contractors as well as with current and future partners.

Valorise also represents a tool for managing your CSR initiatives, primarily thanks to the platform’s dynamic dashboards.

Contractors can decide to highlight the best practices of their suppliers.

Based on the results of the next campaign, mass distribution contractors will organise the “Trophées collectifs” awards, designed to showcase the best performing suppliers.

Our contractors


9 contractors have already joined the project

U Enseigne


how does it work?

We have assembled 24 self-assessment questions, based on ISO 26000, for a simple, useful audit of your CSR process.

What advantages does it offer?

  • You will help bolster the supplier / contractor relationship
  • You will receive a concise status report along with a clear list of areas for improvement

Our next campaigns


when does it start?

The 2020 campaign will start on November 15th 2021 and end on Febuary 18 2022!