News from the Valorise 2021 campaign

The new Valorise campaign has just started 

You have until 18/02/2022 to self-assess and share your results!

We invite you to a vendor webinar on November 18, 2021, in French only ! 

Here is the summary : 

Part 1: Valorise 2021 Campaign I 30 minutes (GreenFlex animation)

Presentation of the new supplier path
Focus on the new supplier CSR summary
Questions & answers 

Part 2: CSR in the relationship between suppliers and principals and the role of Valorise I 30 minutes

Introduction by the federations
Interventions by the brands
Questions & answers 

Part 3: Valorise Awards I 30 minutes

Announcement of the winners of the Valorise 2020 awards
Call for entries for the Valorise 2021 awards
Questions & Answers